UX Indonesia

Bitesize Learning

AI for User and Market Research Insights

Master the tools and method of using AI for user and market research

Design Thinking in Digital Transformation

Apply design thinking methodologies in the digital transformation process

Agile and Lean UX in Product Design

Streamline your design process and deliver user value with Agile and Lean UX

Mastering Service Design Thinking

Apply design thinking principles for better omnichannel service experience

Customer Journey 101: From Insight to Action

Enhance the experience by mapping pains and gains through touchpoints

Customer Experience Strategic Insights

Understand end-to-end customer-centric strategies for your products and services

Humanity-Centred Design & Circular Economy

Apply humanity-centred design methodology in the circular economy framework​

Product Evaluation Techniques & Tools

Learn the fundamentals of user testing techniques and tools in product evaluation​

AI-Driven A/B Testing for Strategic Design

Leverage AI for effective product testing and evaluation for decision-making​

AI in Product Design and Development

Harness AI in end-to-end product lifecycle from insights and strategy to optimisation

Ethical AI in Product Design and Development

Use AI to design products and services with integrity and responsibility

User Insights with AI-Generated Analytics

Use AI to identify user behaviour patterns to provide actionable business insights​

Boosting Sales With AI Recommendations

Learn the potential of AI-driven recommendation systems to improve experience

AI-Automated Social Media for Branding

Use generative AI to automate and optimise social media for different users

AI-Enhanced Marketing Strategy for Engagement

Employ generative AI to personalise content based on user preferences dynamically

Cutting-Edge Innovation Strategies for Future

Explore techniques and tools to bridge the gap between research and innovation​

Craft Your Compelling Brand Narratives

Connect with your audience by creating compelling narratives of your brands​

Analytics Tools for Decision-Making

Explore various analytics tools to understand customers' behaviours online​

Data Privacy Compliance Cybersecurity

Understand privacy, security compliance and regulations to safeguard business​

Accessible Digital Products for All

Understand inclusive design principles for product and service design strategies