UX Indonesia is Indonesia’s first and leading Insight-driven User Experience company. With expertise in UX training, research, and consulting, UX Indonesia has helped international and local companies deliver successful products and services that win the hearts of Indonesians since 2002.

UX Training

Learn practical User Experience skills with Indonesia’s First Female Google Expert and Google-Certified Design Sprint Master towards UX Certification. View UX Indonesia Training schedules at Jakarta, Surabaya, and Yogyakarta.

UX Research

Align your business strategy with mental models, behaviors, needs, pains and goals of your stakeholders.

Gain insights of behavior, needs, pains and motivations to make solid business, technology, and design decisions.

Use deep-level insights of product use and user behavior to improve user interface, interaction and content strategy.

Find product usability problems, conversion bottlenecks, causes for lack of adoption and improvement opportunities.

Identify gaps and opportunities in your business touch points and channels to improve your bottom line.

UX Consulting

Get answers for your critical business questions from Indonesia’s First Female Google Expert and Google-Certified Design Sprint Master and her team.

Focus the energy of your team to answer critical business questions in a time-boxed design thinking process.

Co-design with your team and create a product that embeds business goals, meets user needs and solves user problems.

Discover issues and optimize your digital products and touchpoints with the latest Big Data tools and analytics.

Book 1-ON-1 coaching with Dr Eunice Sari or Adi Tedjasaputra, MSc to get some quick and effective UX tips for the health of your business.