UX Research

Research services to optimize your business through product development based on user needs

Practically solve your critical business and product problems and questions

A/B and Multivariate Testing image

A/B and Multivariate Testing

Improve design by understanding which design alternatives preferred by customers.

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Improve your conversion rates and engagement.

Card Sorting image

Card Sorting

Design information architecture that resonates with your customers’ expectations.

Cognitive Map image

Cognitive Map

Identify your digital product’s screenflow that resonates with your customers’ expectations.

Concept Map image

Concept Map

Unpack a complex product concept into visual conceptual product elements.

Contextual Inquiry image

Contextual Inquiry

Understand how your customers use your product in their own natural environment.

Call Log Analysis images

Call Log Analysis

Understand the underlying product and service-related reasons your customers call you.

Desirability Studies images

Desirability Studies

Measure your customer’s attitudes toward your product’s user interface design.

Diary Studies image

Diary Studies

Get customers to self-report their behaviors, activities, and experience in daily life.

Ethnographic Field Studies image

Ethnographic Field Studies

Gain in-depth understanding of customer’s activities, and experience in daily life.

Eye Tracking image

Eye Tracking

Understand which part of your product’s user interface attracts your customers.

Focus Group image

Focus Group

Learn customer’s attitudes, beliefs, desires and reactions toward a product in a group setting.

Information Architecture image

Information Architecture

Gain actionable recommendations to organize your digital product content.

Intercept Studies image

Intercept Studies

Get a quick feedback in physical or digital locations where customers interact with brand.

In-Depth Interview image

In-Depth Interview

Understand the motivations, beliefs, attitudes, and feelings of your customers.

NPS Survey image

NPS Survey

Gauge and increase your customer’s loyalty and engagement.

Product Audit image

Product Audit

Get an unbiased examination of your product design, market-fit, and technology stack.

Search Log Analysis image

Search Log Analysis

Improve the performance of your search feature and other search-related insights.

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Answer specific business and product questions by listening to your customers.

UI Expert Review image

UI Expert Review

Gain actionable recommendations to improve your user interface (UI) design.

Usability Testing image

Usability Testing

Watch how your target customers use your product prototype or the released one.