Certified UX Leader

Demonstrate your UX Leadership skills in a professional work environment.

UX Indonesia Experts together with International Academic and Industry Experts certify your skills and knowledge in your professional and simulated work environment.

  • When: By appointment
  • Who: Seasoned Professionals, Senior Executives, Team Leaders, CxOs
  • Where: Remote and Face-to-Face

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Daria Loi, Head of Product Design of Mozilla, is one of Assessors who assess professionals in certification programme.
Monika Halim

Head of Product Design, Tokopedia

Monika Halim is the Head of Product Design at Tokopedia, an Indonesian super-ecosystem tech company unicorn. She’s leading a team of 130+ people of UX Designers, UI Designers, Researchers, UX Writers, and a Design System Team; Working to establishing a user-centered approach, drive transformational change and streamline experience outcome.
Daria Loi, Head of Product Design of Mozilla, is one of Assessors who assess professionals in certification programme.
Daria Loi

Head of Product Design, Mozilla

Daria Loi is an accomplished creative & technical leader with a passion for mixing design strategy with UX research to enrich people’s everyday life and leading through design innovation. In her current Senior Director role at Mozilla Corporation, she heads Product Design for Emerging Technologies.

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What They Say​

"The UX Indonesia Professional Certificate has boosted my confidence and my enthusiasm to learn more about UX. I thank UX Indonesia for the lessons, experience and high quality learning materials that you have provided. The guidance of Josh and Eunice has also been very professional. I would like to recommend this Certification program because you will be able to get rich experience in UX Research, Usability Testing and many more."

User Experience Research
Irfan Bahagia

Product Designer, Gojek

"Doing this UX Certification is like fighting for your thesis. I am thankful because I have been mentored well, so this has been an amazing journey to prepare for my future. When I meet my stakeholders, I feel I am more ready because I have learnt so much throughout this process. Throughout this Certification program at UX Indonesia, they are given a lot of feedback on how to improve my works, which is different from any other organizations."

User Experience Research
Devita Mira Lestari

UX Manager, Bukalapak

"I have learnt about the international UX standards, not only theory but also practical skills throughout the six courses that I have taken at UX Indonesia. I learn to understand and imagine how UX works, because UX is a little bit abstract if you do not have practical experience."

User Experience Research
Gabriel Yakub

Junior Product Designer