UX Management Leadership

5-Day Integrated Courses to help you to form and lead UX Team and develop UX strategies in your organization.

The courses include the followings:

  1. Lean and Agile UX
  2. Measuring UX
  3. UX Leadership
  4. Managing UX Strategy
  5. Design Tradeoff and UX Decision Framework

By the end of the course, the participant would be able to

  1. Understand why and how to implement lean and agile process within an organization
  2. Envision how to measure the impact of UX implementation into the business
  3. Develop and lead a UX team and lead the UX adoption into the business
  4. Develop UX strategy suitable for the organization
  5. Understand how to apply practical framework to overcome natural bias, and improve rational, systematic and structure design process

UX for Beginners OR UX Fundamentals for Designers

Who should attend
Anyone who is keen to climb a ladder to become a UX leader in their organization.

UX Leadership and Management

Masterclass Level · 5 Days

Integrated courses to develop strategy and manage UX teams.