UX Training

Choose UX training courses suitable to your professional journey and corporate maturity, i.e. Professional courses, Masterclass, and Corporate courses, mentoring, and coaching, and learn with hundreds of other professionals and companies around the world.

Learn practical professional-level User Experience skills with world-class Google Dev Experts and Google-Certified Design Sprint Master towards UX Certification in Indonesia and Australia.

UX Essentials

This is where you start learning User Experience (UX).

UX Research

Learn the latest UX Research skills and methods.

Customer Journey Mapping

Identify business gaps and opportunities visually.

Insight-driven Marketing

Go beyond data-driven marketing and inspire your customers.

Agile Usability Testing

Get your hands dirty with quick usability testing methods and tips.

Design Thinking

Apply design principles to create business values and solve problems.

User Onboarding Experience

Design the best user experience for your users from the start.

Mobile UX Design

Design mobile user experience with the latest best practices.

From Data to UI Design

Transform your user research data into user interfaces that people love.

Lean UX for Product and Service Innovation.

Lean UX

Design your Minimum Viable Product towards Marketable Product.

Auditing UI 101

Improve your product’s user interfaces effectively.

Measuring UX

Quantify your UX success strategy by using precise UX metrics.

UX for Beginners

Start your UX Journey here.

UX for Marketeers

Enhance your marketing strategy with UX.

UX for Designers

Kick-start your career as a UX Designer.

UX Indonesia Masterclass courses are only available for Certified UX Professionals who have passed UX Indonesia Professional Certification Program.


Masterclass Level · 3 Days

Engrave unique corporate signature in your product.

Google Design Sprint

Masterclass Level · 5 Days

Answer your critical business questions with confidence.

Design System

Masterclass Level · 4 Days

Build unified sensory experience for better team collaboration.

Data Synthesis and Analysis

Masterclass Level · 3 Days

Make sense of your UX research data towards actionable insights.

Information Architecture

Masterclass Level · 3 Days

Help your customers complete their goals effectively with information architecture.

Google Material Design

Masterclass Level · 4 Days

Get your hands dirty crafting innovative UI with one of the best design systems.

UX Design Tools and Methods

Upgrade your skills as a UX Designer.

UX Management Leadership

Develop strategy and manage UX teams.

Keep your corporate confidential information and learn to solve your live project challenges with Google Dev Experts and Google-Certified Design Sprint Master towards UX Certification in Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, and other cities in Indonesia.

UX Foundations + UX Clinic

Corporate Level · 3 Days

UX Foundations + Certification

Corporate Level · 4 Days

Google Design Sprint + Clinic

Corporate Level · 5 Days
Design Thinking.

Design Sprint Facilitator

Corporate Level · 10 Days
Design Thinking Workshop.

Design Thinking Workshop

Corporate Level · 5 Days
Design Thinking Facilitator.

Design Thinking Facilitator

Corporate Level · 10 Days