Design Thinking

Design thinking is a design methodology with a solution-based approach to solve a problem. Design thinking is very useful in solving complex problems by involving an understanding of user needs, reframing problems in the user’s point of view, creating many solution ideas, adopting prototype use, and repeated testing.

After the Design Thinking training, you are expected to be able to apply the Design Thinking concept in solving the problems for your product or service. There is no doubt, because you will get training from our experts who are Google Experts and have cumulative experience for 35 years in practically applying Design Thinking in various product contexts and services in Indonesia and abroad.

Participant Profile

User Experience Research

UX Researcher | Market Researcher | Market Research Analyst

Apply User Research methods to get an effective UI design interface.

User Experience Research

UI and UX Designer | Visual Designer | Interaction Design

Produce effective interface design (UI Design) based on the results of user research.

User Experience Research

Lecturer | Chief Executive Officer | Chief Production Officer

Study UX to be applied to the case studies owned.

User Experience Research

Project Manager | Business Manager | Product Manager

Designing product strategies and appropriate business processes based on insight.

Participant Experience

“Really cool. Because we are not only got theories but also get the chance to practices with our friends, we learn how we respond to people’s designs.”

“Extraordinary. In this training there is a lot of knowledge and is easy to understand. Interested in coming next.”

“It’s exciting. Something new like the laws of UI and UX and all kinds of other things.”

“Enjoy this training. This training is very cool and very knowledgeable. Many new things are learned.”

Design Thinking

IDR 2150K · Professional Level · 1 Day

Apply design principles to create business values and solve problems.

Payment Information

Bank Name: Bank Central Asia
Account Number: 870 525 8585
Bank Code: 014
BCA Mall Kelapa Gading 3 Lt. G
JL Kelapa Gading Boulevard, RT.13/RW.18 Kelapa Gading Timur, Jakarta Utara 14240


  • Handout
  • Certificate of Participation
  • Light Breakfast, Snacks, Sumptuous Buffet Lunch, Afternoon Tea
  • UX Clinic

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