Design Thinking 101 for Education

Design Thinking is often used to solve ill-defined complex problems. The application of Design Thinking for teaching and learning in the field of Education, however, is still relatively new.

In this extended abstract, we propose the application of Design Thinking to solve general teaching and learning problems faced by educators and students in Indonesia.

With the introduction of Design thinking to lecturers and future school teachers in a keynote talk during CHIuXiD 2018 Extended Conference, the 4th ACM In-Coop International HCI and Conference by the first author, we specifically aim to begin a transformation on how educators, students, and other stakeholders in school communities can collaborate and develop new creative way of tackling complex problems, while inspiring each other. The event was held at the State University of Malang in Malang, Indonesia on the 28th March 2018. This extended abstract narrates the keynote talk.

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