myHCI-UX: taking HCI in Malaysia to greater heights

The Kuala Lumpur ACM SIGCHI chapter, myHCI-UX, is now two years old. HCI was first starting to find its place in Malaysia circa 2005–2007, when many Malaysian researchers were returning home after completing their postgraduate degrees in HCI. After many meet-ups of HCI academics and practitioners, support from ACM SIGCHI, and with the urge to make a difference and to contribute back to society, the chapter was officially formed on July 27, 2017.

Prior to 2017, ACM SIGCHI had been giving moral support to various activities and programs. During i-USEr 2016, Eunice Sari from the Indonesia ACM SIGCHI chapter organized the CoCo (Connect and Collaborate) workshop to give insights about the HCI and UX landscape in Southeast Asia, particularly Indonesia and Malaysia, and how HCI researchers should collaborate to unlock the HCI and UX potential of these two countries. Our current committed members had also been involved in other activities in the greater ACM SIGCHI communities, such as the SEACHI and Asian HCI symposiums, which have been successfully held since 2015 at the annual CHI conferences.

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