Development Consortium: HCI Across Borders

Though every country and context is unique, and much of HCI research aims to design for situatedness, there are lessons to be learned across borders, across contexts.

Questions we ask include: What are common themes that tie together different contexts? For instance, could a maternal health project in India benefit from lessons learned from a project in Kenya and vice versa? How can we, as a global HCI4D community, work within countries and across them as well?

The short-term goal of this event is to link research and practice across disparate HCI4D contexts by creating a forum for conversations where ‘HCI4Ders’ from across the globe can speak and be heard, as they develop themes of common interests, and work on potential projects or proposals to concretely target an action plan they can pursue as collaborators.

Our long-term goal is to advance HCI4D research so that, as a community, we can engage more productively in research conversations that focus on learning and collaborating across borders.

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