People Ops Assistant

Are you keen to recruit, onboard, nurture, and offboard the best talents?

UX Indonesia believes that a fun team work in solving complex problems can produce something amazing. We are currently recruiting People Ops Assistants who have experience, passion, and skills to plan, execute, coordinate, evaluate and learn about the best practices in People Ops.

Are you interested to:

  • Communicate with prospective employees
  • Conduct a pre-sales and marketing activities to recruit employees
  • Conduct hundreds of cold calling on daily basis
  • Plan, develop, execute, evaluate, coordinate and learn about anything related to recruiting, onboarding, nurturing, and offboarding the best talents
  • Plan, develop, evaluate, and distribute People Ops documents
  • Prepare, operate and responsible for all People Ops-related activities

We want you to:

  • Have a professional experience in People Operation for at least 1 year
  • Have attention to details and well-organized
  • Be highly literate with Information and Communication Technology
  • Be highly literate with social media
  • Be highly literate with Mailchimp
  • Be a team worker, as well as, an independent initiator and self-starter

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