About UX Indonesia

UX Indonesia empowers digital transformation of leading global brands across diverse vertical industries through its expertise in UX training, research, and consulting. We envision to be the world’s leading Insight-driven User Experience Company. We aim to empower every person and organization in creating transformative and high-impact products, services, processes, and systems that people love and use.

Why UX Indonesia

About UX Indonesia

UX Indonesia’s insight-driven and evidence-based approach is effective in mitigating risks associated with enterprise and government digital transformation. At the same time, we deliver optimal and measurable impacts across business and user satisfaction metrics.

Our clients rely on us to maximize the business value of their products and services. We work with them to plan and design a holistic human experience of products and services, often utilizing agile development methods.

We have a strong portfolio in working with multicultural design both in Indonesia and internationally. Our unique capability has provided our clients with a peace of mind when they need to face a complex, multi-layered and often multi-cultural design issues involving gender, sub-culture and socio-economic dimensions.

The History

About UX Indonesia

There are so many products and services that we hate. Sometimes we have a choice to use alternative products and services, sometimes we don’t.

When we co-founded the first Indonesian Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and User Experience (UX) business in 2002 as TRANSLATE-EASY.com, we wanted to change the landscape of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry in Indonesia by improving the quality of user experience in ICT products and services. It was not long until we realized that we were far ahead of our time in Indonesia and the rest of Southeast Asia.

Since then, we have pioneered a number of forward-thinking and innovative projects in mobile learning, Internet of Things, and service design that improve the bottom line of businesses in different vertical industries. We also worked with leading global brands in the industry and academia alike to synthesize research and best practices in HCI.

Being a pioneer since 2002, UX Indonesia has become Indonesia’s first and the leading authority in the field of Human-Computer Interaction and User Experience Design in Southeast Asia. UX Indonesia has empowered people, companies and organizations that understand the importance of having products and services that win the hearts of Indonesians since 2002.

Together with partners and clients, we ensure that technology, culture, market dynamics, user behavioral changes, usability, generational gaps, and other factors that contribute to the ultimate User Experience (UX) are synthesized well into the DNA of every product and service.

Leadership Team

With over 35+ years of combined international and experience in Indonesia, we’ve got a well-seasoned team at the helm.

About UX Indonesia

Dr. Eunice Sari

CEO and Co-Founder of UX Indonesia.
Google Dev Expert in Product Design

About UX Indonesia

Josh (Adi Tedjasaputra, MSc)

Director and Co-Founder of UX Indonesia.
Google Dev Expert in Product Design