About UX Indonesia

UX Indonesia is the first User Experience (UX) company in Indonesia established in 2002. Our goal is to empower people, company and organization to understand the importance of having products and services that win the hearts of users.

Clients rely on us to optimize the business value of their products and services through our unique capabilities in dealing with complex, multilayered, multicultural design problems involving gender, sub-cultural and socio-economic dimensions.

Our experts have a cumulative experience of more than 35 years in helping hundreds of national and global companies to empower them in the era of digital transformation.

Company values

About UX Indonesia

We describe the relationship between a company and UX with a Unicorn. We believe that every good company must have 6 aspects, such as profitability, credibility, agility, loyalty, word of mouth, and desirability. So, what makes a company special? UX is the answer. Small aspects that have a significant impact and distinguish them from others. Like a Unicorn horn that distinguishes it from ordinary horses.

1. Profitability: Each company can survive if it gets a profit
2. Credibility: One of the important things in business is trust
3. Agility: Think and work agile
4. Loyalty: Loyal companies are always be the main clients
5. Word of Mouth: The company’s success is also supported by word of mouth
6. Desirability: People like something that is aesthetically attractive

Brief of our servives

We provide services in the form of consulting, research and training for your organization. We help organizations by implementing an insight-driven approach, which uses data from user experience research conducted in the field to be used as insight into the development of a product and service.

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For Clients

Clients rely us to optimize the business value of their products and services. We work with them to plan and design human experience using holistic products and services, using agile development methods.

What They Say

Clients who have collaborated with us can provide an overview of how we work and help them make a product that loved by their users.

“UX Indonesia Training is really interesting because we’re not only focus on how we think about UX, however, after we’ve done UX we know how to measure it.”

“Training UX Indonesia menarik banget karena kita tidak hanya fokus kepada bagaimana memikirkan UX, tapi juga setelah kita lakukan UX harus tahu bagaimana cara mengukurnya.”

User Experience Research


Senior Vice President,
Bank Central Asia

“I feel very excited about this. Because we know there will be a lot of practitioners build their products and businesses, which are more user friendly for everyone.”

“I feel very excited about this. Karena tahu banyak praktisi-praktisi yang nanti akan membangun produk dan bisnis yang lebih user friendly buat semua orang.”

User Experience Research

Monika Halim

Head of Product Design,

“The step-by-step is clear. From making persona to design solutions. I am very lucky to be taught directly from the UX expert.”

“Lebih jelas step-by-step-nya dari membuat persona sampai desain solusi, sangat beruntung diajarin UX langsung dari pakarnya.”

User Experience Research

Siska Komala Sari

Telkom University

Leadership Team

With over 35+ years of combined international and experience in Indonesia, we’ve got a well-seasoned team at the helm.

About UX Indonesia

Dr. Eunice Sari

CEO and Co-Founder of UX Indonesia
Google Mentor and Certified Design Sprint Master

About UX Indonesia

Josh (Adi Tedjasaputra, MSc)

Director and Co-Founder of UX Indonesia
Google Mentor and Certified Design Sprint Master