How do we teach kids to code?

by Adi Tedjasaputra

Google CS4HS @ UWA.

Google CS4HS @ UWA

The School of Computer Science and Software Engineering at the University of Western Australia, with generous support from Google, was holding a CS4HS workshop on November 26-27 at the University of Western Australia.

The workshop was free and aimed at helping K-12 teachers (both pre- and in- service teachers) and educators learn more about using ICT through hands-on activities, presentations and and the sharing of innovative teaching and discussions with other educators, industry speakers, and UWA researchers.

In particular, the experts demonstrated how teachers could encourage learners to think and analyse a particular topic through use of ICT/CS. The workshop required no previous programming experience.

During the event, Dr Eunice Sari, the Principal Consultant of UX Indonesia has received a lot of positive feedback for her keynote to teach kids to code. Her presentation can be downloaded from SlideShare.

About Adi Tedjasaputra

Adi Tedjasaputra.As the Co-Founder and Principal Consultant of UX Indonesia, Adi Tedjasaputra, MSc has more than 15 years of experience helping companies, educational and non-profit organisations in Europe and Asia Pacific to achieve their business goals and make the best investment in ICT. He is the Co-founder of the first UX business in Indonesia.

With his engineering and computer science background, he has introduced forward-thinking and innovative projects that improve the bottom line of businesses in different vertical industries through Human-centred design, computing and engineering. His current interests include the Internet of Things, Human-centred Computing, Computational Thinking, e-Learning, Moodle, WordPress and Agile UX.