2017: Running Toward the Goals

As the end of 2016 was approaching, I finally managed to get a few days off from work. I decided to buy a ticket at the very last minute to fly back to my hometown, Semarang, Central Java and visit my family. While I have been living back and forth between Jakarta and Perth and traveling to many cities in Central Java, I have not been back to this city for at least a year. This year (2016) has been specifically difficult for me to take some dedicated time off UX Indonesia.

The change of ICT landscape in Indonesia has caused significant changes to the way people and businesses perceive User Experience (UX). When Josh and I started UX Indonesia (known as TRANSLATE-EASY.COM) in early 2000s, many Indonesian businesses never heard about UX. A few have heard about Human Computer Interaction (HCI) or Human-Centered Design (HCD). In contrast, today we are flooded with requests to help companies in diverse vertical industries from e-commerce startups to multinational financial and telecommunication companies to stay competitive.

In my capacity as Indonesia’s first female Google Expert in UX/UI from Indonesia, I have been helping Google Inc develop and nurture ICT and startup ecosystem in Indonesia from the very first Google Launchpad Week in Jakarta to the latest Google Launchpad Accelerator Program in Silicon Valley. My main role is to mentor startups to maximize their business value by applying UX techniques, processes and principles, which is exactly the same with what I have been doing for years in UX Indonesia for both startups and established multinationational companies.

In UX Indonesia, I have been helping businesses, big and small, new and old, traditional and cutting-edge, with our research, consulting and professional development services. This year, over 400 participants from diverse business lines have participated in the first batch of UX Indonesia Public Training Series. The participants could pick and choose foundational UX short courses relevant with their immediate corporate need, while meeting other professional practitioners and researchers working on similar fields or having similar interests.

Through tens of projects with vertical industries with our national and international clients, we have successfully helped our clients to improve their business process and improve the value of their products and services through improved experience. It has been a real pleasure to work with our clients through up and down of their business and finally achieved significant impacts from the works. We are proud to see that our clients can also improve their capabilities to implement UX in their business process through the projects we collaborated.

Back to my hometown story, I am enjoying every second of being there. Time spent with my family and friends, local culinary, hospitality of local people, beauty of the nature, art and culture have always brought good and unforgettable memory. My hometown has hooked me no matter what. This also has become the goals of UX Indonesia when we help our clients. We would like to our clients to have products and services that are loved by their users and customers, not only because they have good visual appearance, but also bring valuable experience for their life.



As we are entering 2017, we are getting ready for new opportunities and challenges. As projects are lining up, we are excited to start diving into them and exploring more innovation. The upcoming CHIuXiD 2017 (chiuxid.org) that I will be co-chairing will be an exciting venue to bridge the gap between academics and industries and explore the application of HCI and UX to design valuable experience for all, including regular meetups of Indonesia ACM SIGCHI (Indonesia ACM SIGCHI Chapter – chiuxindo.acm.org). I am also looking forward for the opening of our new UX Indonesia Lab in Jakarta and exciting other UX programs that we have.

Finally, I would like to wish you a safe and successful new year 2017!

Happy New Year 2017.

Happy New Year 2017

About Eunice Sari

Dr Eunice Sari is the CEO and Co-Founder of UX Indonesia (uxindo.com) – the first HCI and UX business in Indonesia since 2002. She is also the Google Expert in UX/UI who have helped over a hundred of startups around the world. As a UX/CX Expert and ICT in Education Expert, she has more than 15+ years of experience working in both academia and industries. She has pioneered a number of forward-thinking and innovative projects, such as user experience for digital products and services, mobile learning, Internet of Things (IoT), service design and online community in order to effect changes in life and improve the bottom line of business in various vertical industries in USA, Europe, Australia and Asia.