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UX Indonesia.

UX Indonesia is Indonesia’s first and leading Insight-driven User Experience company. With expertise in UX training, research, and consulting, UX Indonesia has helped international and local companies deliver successful products and services that win the hearts of Indonesians since 2002.

We envision to be the world’s leading Insight-driven User Experience Company that empowers every person and organization in creating transformative and high-impact products, services, processes, and systems that people love.


The History

When we co-founded the first Indonesian Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and User Experience (UX) business in 2002 as TRANSLATE-EASY.com, we wanted to change the landscape of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry in Indonesia by improving the quality of user experience in ICT products and services. It was not long until we realized that we were far ahead of our time in Indonesia and the rest of Southeast Asia.

Since then, we have pioneered a number of forward-thinking and innovative projects in mobile learning, the Internet of Things and service design that improve the bottom line of businesses in different vertical industries. We have also worked with universities and businesses alike to synthesize research and best practices in HCI.


Why UX Indonesia

Our clients rely on us to maximize the business value of their products and services. We work with them to plan and design a holistic human experience of products and services, often utilizing agile development methods.

We have a strong portfolio in working with multicultural design both in Indonesia and internationally. Our unique capability has provided our clients with a peace of mind when they need to face a complex, multi-layered and often multi-cultural design issues involving gender, subculture and socioeconomic dimensions.

Dr. Eunice Sari


Dr. Eunice Sari.
  • PhD in Education (Australia)
  • M.Sc IT – Product Design (Denmark)
  • B.Ed (Hons) in Language and Pedagogy (Indonesia)
  • B.Ed (Hons) in Language and Pedagogy (Indonesia)
  • Dipl in Japanese Language, Culture and Humanistic (Japan)
  • Cert IV in Training and Assessment, Workforce Development and Training (Australia)
  • Cert IV in TESOL (Indonesia)
  • Cert in TINFL (Indonesia)

Dr Eunice Sari is the CEO and Co-Founder of UX Indonesia. As a renowned international Expert in User Experience, User Interface, Customer Experience and ICT in Education, she has more than 15+ years of professional and academic experience in a number of forward-thinking and innovative projects, such as user experience for digital products and services, mobile learning, Internet of Things (IoT), service design and online community in order to effect changes in life and improve the bottom line of business in various vertical industries in USA, Europe, Australia and Asia.

As a leading UX and CX Expert in Southeast Asia, she has been selected as the Indonesia’s first female Google Expert. She co-founded and chaired the Indonesia ACM SIGCHI Chapter (Association Computing Machinery Special Interest Group on Computer-Human Interaction a.k.a CHI UX Indonesia), and later the Association of Digital Interaction Indonesia – Perkumpulan Interaksi Digital Indonesia (PIDI).

She is also the co-founder of ACM SIGCHI Southeast Asia community, the South East Asia Liaison for ACM SIGCHI Asia Development Committee, the Expert Member of the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP) TC 13 – Human Computer Interaction (HCI) for Indonesia, and the Western Australia Representative for the Human Factors Ergonomic Association Computer Human Interaction Special Interest Group (HFESA CHISIG). With her roles, she facilitates the collaboration between academia and industry in the fields of Education, Technology, HCI and UX.

At Google , Eunice has helped a number of international elite startups from Indonesia, USA, Australia, Ireland, Brazil and India through Google Launchpad and Accelerator Programs to improve a range of complex product and service portfolios, evaluate them with users, as well as facilitating design and business workshops with key stakeholders.

With her seasoned international experience from industry and academic, Eunice is passionately interested to help international business clients design experience strategy and roadmap that exceed customer expectations.

Josh (Adi Tedjasaputra, MSc)


Josh (Adi Tedjasaputra, MSc).
  • B.Sc (Hons) in Electrical Engineering (Indonesia)
  • M.Sc in Computer Systems Engineering (Denmark)
  • General Chair of Indonesia ACM SIGCHI Chapter
  • Member of IEEE Technical Committee on RFID
  • Member of IEEE – Internet of Things Community
  • ssociate of Australian Computer Society
  • Professional Member of Association for Computing Machinery and SIGCHI Member
  • Member of IEEE – Smart Cities Community
  • Fully Registered Teacher of Teacher Registration Board of Western Australia

Josh is the Director and Co-Founder of UX Indonesia. As a renowned Expert in User Experience, Internet of Things and Digital Technology, he has over than 15 years of experience helping companies, educational and non-profit organisations in Europe, United States and Asia Pacific to achieve their business goals and make the best investment in ICT. He is the Co-founder of the first UX business in Indonesia. His passion is to design, develop, and use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for a better life.

With his engineering and computer science background, he has introduced forward-thinking and innovative projects that improve the bottom line of businesses in different vertical industries through Human-centred design, computing and engineering. His current interests include the Internet of Things, Human-centred Computing, Computational Thinking, e-Learning, Moodle, WordPress and Agile UX.

Josh co-founded Indonesia ACM SIGCHI Chapter with Dr Eunice Sari and is currently leading this community as a General Chair. He is also the General Chair for PIDI (Indonesian Interaction Design Association). He has published a number of international research publications and newspaper articles in the field of technology, education and User Experience. He is also a serial organizer of international UX events.

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